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Project Steve Guttenberg allows you to create an online journal or "blog" with a minimum amount of hassle. PSG doesn't take control of your website. It doesn't have a massive list of dependencies, such as a database server. Nevertheless, PSG does have:

* Valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS 1.0
* Multiple users, each with their own profile
* Support for non-English speakers
* Rich RSS 2.0 syndication feed including tags and Dublin Core metadata
* User, tag and keyword searching, with RSS output for such searches
* Tag cloud system
* XML-RPC ping support for use with, Technorati and Google
* Support for sending and receiving TrackBacks
* Support for RSS enclosures and file uploads, so you can do podcasting
* Support for gravatar avatars on comments
* moderation of comments and trackbacks and support for the rel="nofollow" attribute to help fight spam
* standards-compliant, user-friendly administration interface

All you need to run PSG is a working installation of PHP. PSG will work with both PHP4 and PHP5, although we recommend using the most recent version possible.

That means:

* no database required
* no lengthy list of dependencies (other than PHP)
* no administrator access required to install
* no lengthy install process

Finally, Project Steve Guttenberg is open source software, meaning that you are free to read and modify the source code, and to redistribute your own version. For more information, please consult the COPYING file in the distribution package.

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