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DasBlog 1.0 - 2.0 is a weblog engine derived from Chris Anderson's BlogX and built on top of ASP.NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

DasBlog is a simple content management and content presentation system that allows simple, chronological and categorized management of usually small notes and articles. To allow aggreation of the content using common tools, the system supports the RSS 2.0 format, which can be generated for several types of views, including the "front page", per-category views, and a view for the comments on every article.

To interaction with other sites and weblogs, the system supports the Pingback and Trackback protocols and it is also capable of notifying Weblogs.com that your weblog has changed, whenever you post or update content. It will also track every external referrer, that means every external hyperlink that has been clicked to reach your site.

Content can be edited and submitted to the site using a web-based DHTML editor or weblog tools that support the BloggerAPI and/or MovableType API. You can also submit content through a POP3 mail account ("Mail To Weblog"). The DHTML editor and the "Mail To Weblog" feature also support attachments and embedded pictures.

The content presentation is fully controllable using user-defined templates that allow customization of virtually any aspect of the presentation. The template language that is used is largely compatible with that of the Radio Userland tool and therefore, templates created for this tool can be easily reused in DasBlog.

Other notes:

This is "free software" without the politics. The software license chosen for DasBlog is plain and simple: BSD. You may use, modidy and redistribute our stuff as long as you keep us out of trouble and leave our and all of the other contibutor's copyright notices in. If you want to derive a closed-source, proprietary product from it ... just go right ahead. We don't like the GPL and the whole "must disclose source of derivative works" interpretation of "free".

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