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General FeaturesTabulas.com Details
Author Roy Kim
URL www.tabulas.com
License Cost/ Fee Free
Interface Languages English
Multi-User Support  
Multi-Site Deployment No
Hosting FeaturesTabulas.com Details
Storage Quota NA
Bandwidth Quota NA
Other Limits NA
Corporate Branding Yes
Own Domain Yes
Ads allowed Yes
Topic Restrictions None
Anti-SpamTabulas.com Details
Word Blacklist No
IP Ban List Yes
Other Anti-Spam mechanisms Akismet
User Access FeaturesTabulas.com Details
Audit Log  
SupportTabulas.com Details
Commercial Support  
Online Help Yes
Issue Tracker Yes
Books None
Support Forum Yes
Mailing List No
IRC-Channel No
Blogging FeaturesTabulas.com Details
Categorization Single
Tags No
Trackback No
Pingback No
Ping Service Support No
Link- / Blogroll Yes
Protected Posts Yes
Blog by Email No
Blog by SMS/MMS No
Blog API metaweblog api
Post EditingTabulas.com Details
Multi-paged posts  
Spell Checker No
WYSIWYG Editor Yes
Undo No
Syntax Highlighting No
File Upload Yes
Asset Management Yes
Emoticon Images Yes
Comment FeaturesTabulas.com Details
Comment Layout Threaded
Feeds for Comments No
E-Mail on Followup Yes
Gravatars Yes
Open-ID Support None
Extended FeaturesTabulas.com Details
Plugin System No
Photo Gallery Yes
Polls / Surveys Plugin
Search Engine No
Custom Pages Yes
Google Sitemap No
WorkflowTabulas.com Details
Content Approval No
Versioning No
Article Publishing scheduled
Comment Moderation Queue No
InteroperabilityTabulas.com Details
Content Import None
Content Export RSS and HTML
Unicode Support Yes
WebDAV Support No
HTML Output XHTML 1.0 Transitional
Friendly URLs Yes
AdministrationTabulas.com Details
E-Mail Notifications Yes
Themes / Skins Yes
Web Statistics Optional
Web-based Style / Template Management Yes
Comment Administration Yes
SyndicationTabulas.com Details
RSS 0.9x No
RSS 1.0 No
RSS 2.0 Yes
ATOM 0.3 No
ATOM 1.0 No
Podcasting/VideocastingTabulas.com Details
Podcast Feeds No
ID3-Tag Editor No
YouTube Support Optional
Media Converter Yes
Phone2Podcast Support No


Tabulas is an easy to use hosted Blogging site. With an intuitive interface, Tabulas allows users to jump into blogging without a learning curve. Additional features like mix tapes, media sharing, and Cross Posting makes this blogging engine a great option for all of your blogging and journalling needs.

More info may be available in the Docs-Wiki


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These screenshots should give you a first impression how Tabulas.com looks like. Remember: The look of many Weblogs can be changed by stylesheets or templates so these are only examples.

Posting Interface

Here is the interface for editing and creating posts. Notice the easy to use WYSIWYG editor along with the clean look and feel.

Blog view

Here is a view of the front end of a Tabulas account. With several options for customization, you can taylor your blog's colors and theme easily.

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