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Commercial Software


I am currently with blogger, but it does not have exactly what I want from my blog, so I am looking for software to create a blog. Free is good, but I will pay in order to get exactly what I want. However, I do not want commercial software that is subscription, I prefer to buy outright.

I have my own server, so hosting is not necessary.

I need software that can create a single column blog, with navigation to other elements, such as Links, Archive, Profile etc on Tabs or Links in a horizontal bar under the Blog Banner.

My current blog is at: http://rock-vacirca.blogspot.com/ and as you can see, with the narrow width that blogger provides, and then made smaller still to include the side elements, the nett effect is a narrow newspaper style column, that does not do full justice to all the images I like to include in my blog. I have tried all the single column blogger templates, but none provide for horizontal tabbed or linked navigation.

Does anyone have any suggestions which software can do what I want?



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Re: Commercial Software

Hi Rock,

Check this blog script here -http://www.stivablog.com they have a lot of add-ons to offer and do custom modification as well - i think this is the only way to get exactly what you want instead of looking for something similar to your criteria.

These guys was recommended to me by friend of mine, i bought their availability booking calendar and i do not regret at all. So i hope this will help you too.



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