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podcasting: Loudblog or Nucleus?

Hi, well I want a blog to make podcasting, I've alrready have a podcast and it is hosted on a wordpress site, but I want to change it becauase the support in the host is poor, so I have already a new hosting, at first I've instaled Nucleus CMS but I realized that Nucleus is not that good to make podcasting (I mean, download statistics and all that stuff) it lacks of features to make podcasting, then I've tested Loudblog and I really like it, but the problem is Loudblog lacks of skins or templates, and Nucleus have just exactly the skin that I want for my blog, then I tried to make the same template for Loudblog but is to hard for me to make programming and I don't understand, so I'm really puzled, any suggestions?



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Jack Sprat
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Re: podcasting: Loudblog or Nucleus?

None of the above. And pay no attention to the spammers.



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