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General FeaturesForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Version 1.2.2 2.4 2.0.7 1.6
Release Date 13/02/2007 02-dec-2006 2007-01-15 2004-04-23
Author Patrick Robin Francois Planque / evoTeam WordPress Development Team EllisLab, Inc.
URL www.hostforest.co.uk b2evolution.net wordpress.org expressionengine.com
Free and Open Source   Yes Yes No
License   GPL GPL Proprietary
License Cost/ Fee   0 - Free 0 From 0$ - 249.95$
Development status Mature Mature Mature Mature
Interface Languages English en,fr,de,da,id,fi,it,ja,nl,sv 46 over 15
Multi-User Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Site Deployment No Yes No Yes
System RequirementsForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Programming Language ASP 3.0 PHP PHP PHP
Operating System Windows Linux, Windows or other Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix, others Linux, Windows, OS X, BSD, Solaris
Webserver IIS 5+ Apache, IIS or other Anything with PHP IIS, Apache
Root Access No   No No
Other Requirements       PHP must have XML support
DatastorageForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Text Files   No No No
MySQL Yes Yes Yes Yes
PostgreSQL   No No No
Oracle   No No No
SQLite   No No No
BerkeleyDB   No No No
MS SQL Server Yes No No No
Other Access (must overload DB abstraction class) None No
Anti-SpamForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Akismet Support   Plugin Yes Plugin
Word Blacklist   Yes Plugin Yes
IP Ban List Yes Plugin Plugin Yes
CAPTCHA   Plugin Plugin Yes
Other Anti-Spam mechanisms posting timelimit, comment moderation queue, link analyser several specialized antispam plugins various other plugins Email Banning, secure forms, randomized Trackbacks, Bad Behavior extension
User Access FeaturesForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
ACL   Yes Yes Yes
Audit Log   Yes No Yes
LDAP Authentication   Plugin No No
Other Authentication   OpenID plugin None No
SupportForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Commercial Support No   Yes Yes
Online Help www.hostforest.co.uk manual.b2evolution.net codex.wordpress.org expressionengine.com
Issue Tracker     trac.wordpress.org expressionengine.com
Books     5+ None
Support Forum www.hostforest.co.uk forums.b2evolution.net wordpress.org expressionengine.com
Mailing List     codex.wordpress.org No
IRC-Channel   #b2evolution on irc.freenode.net codex.wordpress.org freenode.net, #expressionengine
Blogging FeaturesForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Categorization Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
Tags No Yes Plugin Yes
Archiving Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trackback No Send+Receive Send+Receive Send+Receive
Pingback No   Send+Receive No
Ping Service Support No Yes Yes Yes
Link- / Blogroll Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protected Posts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blog by Email No Yes Yes Yes
Blog by SMS/MMS No     Yes
Blog API   blogger, metweblog, atom, b2 metaWeblog, MovableType Blogger, MovableType/Metaweblog
Post EditingForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Multi-paged posts No Yes Yes Yes
Spell Checker No Plugin Yes Yes
WYSIWYG Editor Yes Plugin Optional Plugin
Undo Yes No No Yes
Syntax Highlighting No Plugin Plugin Yes
File Upload Yes Yes Yes Yes
Asset Management Yes Yes Plugin Yes
Emoticon Images No Plugin Yes Yes
Comment FeaturesForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Comment Layout Flat Flat Flat Flat
Feeds for Comments No Yes Yes Optional
E-Mail on Followup No Yes Plugin Yes
Gravatars Yes Plugin Plugin Plugin
Open-ID Support None Client   None
Extended FeaturesForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Plugin System No Yes Yes Yes
Photo Gallery Yes Yes Plugin Yes
Polls / Surveys No Plugin Plugin Plugin
Search Engine Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Sitemap No Yes Plugin Optional
WorkflowForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Content Approval No Yes No Yes
Versioning No   No Yes
Article Publishing none scheduled simple scheduled
Comment Moderation Queue Yes Yes Yes Yes
InteroperabilityForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Content Import   WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, LiveJournal, b2/Cafelog from 22 other blog systems MovableType, pMachine, RSS, CSV
Content Export     Wordpress Extended2.jawwormikXML MySQL
Unicode Support   Yes Yes Yes
WebDAV Support       No
HTML Output XHTML 1.0 Strict XHTML 1.0 Transitional XHTML 1.0 Transitional XHTML 1.0 Transitional
Friendly URLs No Yes Yes Yes
AdministrationForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
E-Mail Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Themes / Skins Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trash No Yes No No
Web Statistics No Yes Plugin Yes
Web-based Style / Template Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comment Administration Yes Yes Yes Yes
SyndicationForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
RSS 0.9x   Yes Yes Yes
RSS 1.0   Yes Yes Yes
RSS 2.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
ATOM 0.3     No Yes
ATOM 1.0   Yes Yes Yes
Podcasting/VideocastingForest Blog Detailsb2evolution DetailsWordpress DetailsExpressionEngine Details
Podcast Feeds No Yes Yes Yes
ID3-Tag Editor No   No No
YouTube Support Optional Yes No Yes
Media Converter No   No No
Phone2Podcast Support No   No Yes
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